Cash For Empty Cartridges

We Pay Cash For Empty & Full Printer Cartridges!

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth STEP 1: Write down the list of empty or full toners you have.

STEP 2: Call 9303 3888 or Click here to complete Empty Cartridge Enquiry form

STEP 3: Our courier will collect them for FREE & give you CA$H for your cartridges.

In order for us to perform our environmentally friendly remanufacturing process on printer cartridges we require the empty original laser cartridges to be processed. This means that we are always out in the marketplace sourcing empty cartridges (aka empties) and sometimes paying up to $15 per cartridge for certain models and picking them up for free.

The amount of money we pay for the empty cartridges depends on demand and the current stock levels in our warehouse. For this reason the prices paid for empties will often fluctuate month to month. We will let you know the price once you provide us with the models and types of toners to be collected.

*We now also pickup and recycle certain full and surplus obsolete printer cartridges that are no longer required

More and more customers nowadays are finding themselves with surplus unused toner cartridges lying around their offices taking up much needed space. Often it is due to excess ordering or machines being replaced or no longer working. There are literally thousands of these cartridges thrown away every single year.

Instead of having them clutter up your office or sending them to landfill, they can now be turned into cash.

If you have empty or excess/obsolete printer cartridges that you would like collected please fill in the enquiry form to the right and find out how much they are currently worth. Alternatively you can call us on (08) 9303 3888 to arrange a free pickup.

Cash is only paid for empty OEM cartridges and certain full toners. Other empties and full toners may be collected at our discretion.

Here at QPC our aim is to have a positive environmental impact whilst educating and saving you money with your printer and toner purchases. Part of this process is the collection of empty toner cartridges to keep as many as we can out of landfill.

The majority of your empty cartridges that are collected are reused in their purest form of recycling again as toner cartridges. Any cores that cannot be reused are shipped interstate to have the raw materials within the cartridge ground down and reused in other applications.

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