Ex-demo Machines

Quality Printers & Cartridges specialises in sourcing ex-demo printer, fax and photocopier hardware.

You’re probably asking what is an ex-demo device?

This is a printer, fax, photocopier or plotter that has been “test driven” and almost brand new. You can a liken it to an ex-demo vehicle. These devices are in perfect working order, yet must be sold at a heavily discounted price, as they are no longer “brand new”.

They’re so new that they often are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Regardless all ex-demo devices are sold with a total of a 12 month warranty, whether from the manufacturer or Quality Printer Cartridges.

The advantages of an ex-demo device are:

1. Instant savings of up to 50%Photocopier Perth
2. You’re able to receive a device where you needed all the functions and speed and couldn’t     afford it before at retail price, yet now you can.
3. Cheaper to run
4. Higher quality build, which means the machine will last longer

You also have the opportunity of purchasing your devices outright, renting or benefiting from a Managed Print Service

To talk to a printer expert about current ex-demo availability and new office equipment, please call (o8) 9303 3888 or Photocopier Perth