The great news about fixed price servicing is, you know exactly how much the labour for the repair is going to cost you before you book the service with us. A flat rate labour fee is charged so no matter how long it takes us to repair your machine the price will be the same for you.

no hidden fees and charges with technicians charging callout and exorbitant hourly fees charged in 15 minute intervals.

Whether it takes us 1 hour or the entire day to repair your machine you will only be charged the single flat rate, (parts are extra...) and quoted as required.

Take control of your costs and use a repair agent that puts their money where their mouth is. Professional repairs at a guaranteed us on 9303 3888 to book your service today.

*Fixed price servicing applies to most printers. Certain model printers and photocopiers are serviced on an hourly rate. See service rates below for more details.

Photocopier Perth


Most service and repair jobs are completed in a fast, reliable and professional manner on the same day as your call is logged. Let us know if it is urgent and we will provide a solution


Experienced factory trained technicians to cover all makes and models of printers and photocopiers. Warranty technicians for HP, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark, Oki and Kyocera.


Call us on (08) 9303 3888 or click here to submit your service issue online. Often we can help you over the phone without even the need for a technician.

Photocopier Perth

How do you benefit from flat rate service fees?

All too often nowadays with modern technology service technicians charge exorbitant call out fees and hourly based labour charges to fix your devices.

Isn't it scary when you need a service done, but don't know how long it will take or cost you? We have all had that dreaded bill from a repair company that sometimes ends up costing more than the device itself to repair.

If your printer or copier cannot be economically repaired our technician will be honest and up front with you right away and let you know this. With our expert knowledge, we can help you acquire a new printer or copier to replace the broken one which will often be far more efficient than the one you are replacing. On top of this in some circumstances if you go ahead and purchase the new printer or copier though us we will waiver the service charge.


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